ProTech Dedicated to Service

ProTech’s professional goal, to Provide Outstanding Security Service, is as important today as it was when Sergio Reyes started this company in 1994. We clearly recognize that the foundation of our company is the individual Security Officer. Each Officer is our representative to the client. ProTech Management maintains contact with our Officers in the field. ProTech will be there to train your Officer and answer all their questions about their assignment. We totally support our Officers in the production of complete service. We want our history to reflect the same success we have had to date. The performance of each security officer will influence that history.

Company Service Philosophy

We believe that it is our job to remove our clients from the role of Security Manager. We take full responsibility of the staffing, training, supervision, payroll, benefits, reporting and consulting with regard to our client’s security programs. We become advisers to our clients not the reverse. Our sole function is the protection of our client’s assets. The majority of our clients have been with us for over five years. A third of our clients have been working with us for over ten years. Clearly, the length of our business relationships indicates ProTech’s ability to produce positive results for our customers.

To accomplish these goals we place the best qualified, trained and professional staff possible. The average ProTech Security Officer has been with our company for over four years and 20% have been with us for six or more years. They stay for one reason they are a part of a Team, we respect our Officers, listen to their concerns. Our Management Team works to make sure the position Officers hold with ProTech not only meets our needs, our cleint's needs, but also meets our Security Officers needs. Understanding and valuing communication is the cornerstone of any relationship.